Immigration laws are incredibly complex and sometimes difficult to navigate. Let the Rapier & Bowling Law Firm work diligently to resolve your complex immigration matters today. This country can trace its roots and continued existence to the contribution of Immigrants. Most people that trace their family tree quickly discover that just a few generations ago, their ancestors migrated to this country. Let Rapier & Bowling assist you in your family based Immigration needs. If you are an employer that needs to ensure compliance with Federal Law, or have a current or prospective employee that needs immigration assistance, we can help. Refugees/Asylees, Students, Fiancées, those in Removal Proceedings (aka Deportation) and Professional Athletes have all successfully utilized our Immigration services. Contact Rapier & Bowling to assist in making your future dreams come true.


Our considerable experience allows us to help you through this process as quickly and effectively as possible, avoiding delays and giving you the knowledge and resources you need at all steps. This prevents you from dealing with challenges associated with legal technicalities and other unforeseen issues that may arise when you try to go at the immigration process alone.

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