Family Law

If you are involved in a divorce, dissolution, custody or child support matter, you may be experiencing stress and anxiety that you have never experienced before. In this situation, you need an attorney willing to fight to protect your rights. Your attorney should have the experience to advise you as to what you may lose and the wisdom to do anything possible to keep it.


In any divorce, you are entitled to an equitable division of the marital assets. With few exceptions, marital assets are all assets that were obtained through the duration of the marriage regardless of who earned the asset or how the asset was obtained. Likewise, you may be responsible to pay an equitable share of all marital debts even when you did not incur the debt. Similar to a marital asset, a marital debt, with few exceptions, is any debt that was incurred during the marriage regardless of who incurred the debt.


If a child was born from or during the marriage, adopted by the spouses or born of one spouse and adopted by the other, your divorce or dissolution may involve custody and child support issues. Ensure that an attorney you hire has knowledge and experience as to what evidence is relevant to prove what is in the best interest of your child.


If your case involves child support, make sure your attorney is able to understand pay vouchers, tax returns and complex financial statements to ensure that your child support award or obligation is accurate. Income may be more or less than what your spouse is reporting for income tax purposes. Certain employment benefits may be considered income and certain business expenses may reduce your child support income.


Rapier & Bowling has been representing individuals involved in divorce / dissolution / custody and child support issues for over fifteen years. We have the legal knowledge, trial experience and maturity to effectively represent your interests during the most stressful of your times.

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