Corporate & Business Law

Corporations encounter myriad legal issues. It is crucial to understand the complex and evolving regulations affecting corporations of all sizes. The Business Law practice at Rapier & Bowling includes a range of areas of corporate law. We provide clients with a full spectrum of counseling for all types of businesses. We understand our clients’ business goals and priorities and work across disciplines to find the right solutions for their companies and organizations.


The business minded attorneys at Rapier & Bowling know that litigation and legal issues are not your business focus, and that you will be required to make decisions during the course of our representation. The experience and skill residing within Rapier & Bowling will ensure you are well informed, aware of your options and in a clear expeditious manner thereby allow you to make the best business decisions permitted by the circumstances.


The attorneys at Rapier & Bowling advise individuals, corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships and other business entities on the issues that affect their day-to-day operations as well as on the extraordinary events that can have significant repercussions for their businesses. We assist these individuals and businesses with all types of business agreements, contracts, transactions and issues, drawing on the broad knowledge and experience.


Our role as legal counselors covers many areas. We frequently attend our clients’ board of directors, shareholders and members meetings. We also routinely structure and organize business entities of all types, including corporations, limited liability companies, limited partnerships and general partnerships, and prepare the appropriate organizational documents. We counsel our clients regarding separation of the business entity from their personal finances.


We have extensive experience in preparing and reviewing a wide variety of agreements. We frequently assist our clients with the design and drafting of their standard business agreements, such as purchase order terms and conditions, supplier and distribution agreements, employment agreements, and non-competition and non-disclosure agreements.


Because we work closely with our clients, naturally we come to learn many aspects of our clients’ businesses and operations. Often we are able to identify situations or operational practices that must be addressed before the client incurs any legal liability, thereby helping the client avoid the potentially costly consequences. We frequently identify issues in our client’s operations that can be resolved with the help of other attorneys at the firm, such as our employment, tax, employee benefits or intellectual property practice groups.


We handle a large number of administrative law areas too. Such as liquor permits, dealer licensing, professional licenses such as in the medical field, workmen’s compensation, etc.

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